Ionic Angular Barcode Scanner (receiving the read from a physical device like pistol)


I need a help… I am have a barcode scanner, like pistol, and i need to get the barcode was read, the barcode from the device (not from camera device or any other plugin ir whatever).

Its OK, I am receiving the barcode that was read. But the “ENTER” in the final character, i am not receiving. I am not understand what happens… I am used (keypress), (keyup.enter), (keydown.enter), and work very well with the enter in the keyboard, but the enter received from the device, are not working.

What happens is that the barcode data and enter key come as if it was typed on a physical keyboard, but the enter key is not being recognized by the events of the ionic/angular.

While not being the final solution, but given your usage of specific devices (if I understand properly) I would first use below (or something similar) to see if the browser at all captures something usefull using a brutal javascript way. Once proven it works it will be a matter of addressing the right event on the right dom element to do this the angular way if need be