Ionic-Angular as PWA and Hybrid Mobile Android / IOS app

I have built an Ionic-Angular application as a PWA and it’s working great. Are there any things I need to do to build this project as a Hybrid Mobile app for Android and IOS? I’m thinking in terms of things like the ngsw-config.json file and this code I added in app.component.ts

  async ngOnInit() {
    if (environment.production) {
      const hasUpdate = await this.swUpdate.checkForUpdate();
      if (hasUpdate) {
        const toast = await this.toastCtrl.create({
          message: 'Update available!',
          position: 'bottom',
          buttons: [
              text: 'Reload',
              role: 'cancel',
        await toast.present();
          .then(() => this.swUpdate.activateUpdate())
          .then(() => globalThis.location.reload());