Ionic Android Client connecting to Flask with SocketIO gets HTTP 404

I am working on a real-time chatting and photo sharing application. I use Flask as my server side to build RESTful web services.

I have a web service endpoint [GET] /feeds/user_id which returns new feeds of a user. In Ionic, I use ngResource to connect to that web service end point. In the server side, I also have SocketIO enabled.

The strange problem is that the application works fine in my browser and iOS8 (using Ionic View). However, when I port it to my Android device, I can’t retrieve data. Server side gives HTTP error code 404.

After seeking help around, I suspect it is an issue of Ionic framework on Android platform, or just on my specific model of device. My device is Nexus 7 Gen 1, running Android 5.1.1. My Ionic version is 1.1.0.

Any help is appreciated. If you want more information on server side log my earlier post was at