Ionic and Vue in an SSR app


I’ve been trying to make my existing Ionic 7 with Vue 3 SPA app work with an SSR setup, running on Express, but I keep hitting a wall.

I am wondering if there is actually some limitation that I haven’t been able to tease out after days on line doing the research? Is SSR not possible with the latest Ionic?

There seems to have been an attempt with Ionic 5, but that appears to not really have any use cases. And I don’t see any follow up with new versions of Ionic.

I also found mention of problems with hydrating Ionic tags across server-client connections due to shadow DOM use - but I don’t see confirmation of that.

I may need to rethink my approach; but it would be helpful if anyone knows about this or has looked into it, and might be able to confirm that it is a dead end in trying to produce a production level app.

In fact, all I am trying to do is add the META tags for my existing SPA to bump up my SEO and ability to share on social media.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!