Ionic and html5mode (google search console)


simple question. Whenn I use this link

in my browser it shows the correct site.

When I test this in the google search console it semms the google is redirected to the main page.

Anny suggestions.

Is there a way to remove the hash from the url?

Doing this on the Server side (First answer)

Also don’t forget to setup the base path of your app’s index.html (i.e: ) is important.

And from here

doing this

IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {
    locationStrategy: 'path'

does the magic.

Now the Google search console render my Detail page. Not complete, but it is a first step.

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Next step.

I found this

I have created a test page wich only Show “TEST”.

The search console Shows this.

Next step create pre rendered html pages.

I will try pre Rendering with


Installing on the Server


Creating a pre rendered page php script


  require $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/PATH/TO/vendor/autoload.php";

  use JonnyW\PhantomJs\Client;

  $phantomjsPath = '/PATH/TO/phantomjs';

  $client = Client::getInstance();
  $client->isLazy(); // Tells the client to wait for all resources before rendering

   * @see JonnyW\PhantomJs\Http\Request
  $request = $client->getMessageFactory()->createRequest('', 'GET');
  $request->setTimeout(10000); // Will render page if this timeout is reached and resources haven't finished loading

   * @see JonnyW\PhantomJs\Http\Response
  $response = $client->getMessageFactory()->createResponse();

  // Send the request
  $client->send($request, $response);

  if($response->getStatus() === 200) {

	  // Dump the requested page content
	  echo $response->getContent();
  } else {
	echo $response->getStatus()."<br>";
	echo $client->getLog(); // String

You can try it here

And I have made a Little sitemapl.xml for the bots :slight_smile:

So my Server Need 20 Minutes to render 499 pages.

I make a subfolder build and put in the main.css.

So this is how Google render my page:

But much more important Google now have all my metadata i put in my page like produktdata, Keywords and description and so on.

That was my target.

Here is how i create my Metatags

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Looks like it works. Yes!!!