Ionic and Firebase Push Notification integration

Hello, I am facing attached issue while integrating Firebase Push Notification. Please help out here.

I installed npm fcm plugin

and upgraded below required services:
Android Support Library version 23 or greater
Android Support Repository version 20 or greater
Google Play Services version 27 or greater
Google Repository version 22 or greater

Help me finding the cache here.

This was driving me crazy all weekend. What finally worked for me was upgrading cordova’s Android version by running:

cordova platform update android

Hope this works for you!

Thanks indeed for your reply. I have been trying for whole week. I followed the updation but still getting same issue. please see screenshot. Where am I missing?


Hmm. Yours says it was updated to 4.1.1, but when I ran my update, it said: Android project updated with cordova-android@5.1.1

My cordova is version 2.14.7. Maybe try updating cordova first and then updating the android platform?

sudo npm update -g cordova
cordova platform update android

Your clue worked!!
Tried applying the solution you suggested. Took a bit long way. Uninstalled nodejs, ionic, cordova and cleared cache and installed nodejs 6+ version and cordova-android@5.1.1

The Problem solved!!! Big big Thanks to You.!! :slight_smile: