Ionic and curl request integration

I use the CURL request (want to connect with quickblox) in my ionic code, but when I call the request I get the error like XMLHttpRequest cannot load Response for preflight is invalid (redirect).

So, anybody can help me for requesting the curl command from the ionic.

curl is a command line tool for making requests.
How does this combine with Ionic?

I have the API like this

curl -X GET
-H “QuickBlox-REST-API-Version: 0.1.0”
-H “QB-Token: f1435baba523599662f3c5f125316073d112a5af”

or you can go through this link “”, I want to use this apis in my ionic app.

Ok, so you have to make a GET request for with these two headers. The “curl” is just a way to express what the request should look like.

Hello Sujan12,

can you help me to request for this api using ionic…??

docs for angular $http.

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Are you using Ionic 1 with AngularJS or Ionic 2 or 3 with Angular?

If 1, then @rapropos answer is correct (and you selected the correct category for your post).