Ionic and ASP Net MVC

Has anybody integrated Ionic on an ASPNet MVC project? It would be good to have both, server and client power…

Not sure if this is possible but I like the idea

You can use ASP.NET MVC API base Backen service

Ionic + angularjs: client

Have a look at the Web API, which is based on MVC and is frontend framework agnostic. Since Ionic is meant to be used for hybrid apps, retrieving the GUI from the server via MVC is not the best idea. Many of Ionics features won’t work if the GUI is reloaded with every postback. So as @snailred alread said: fpr the backend, Ionic / angular for the frontend


Asp. Net web api Is a framework for building web api ( HTTP service). I am also developing ionic app with web api and will be published soon.

You can create your HTTP service using web api but make sure that do not mix with asp. Net mvc.

hi yusuf
but how do you manage your backend??
any other flexible options apart from web api