Ionic and angular grid not dynamic in android emulator?

My first post so first HELLO!!

I have a project, (ionic 5, angular7, cordova) that runs fine in the browser but not so happily in the android emulator. Main problem is I have a ion-grid attached to an angular array. I have buttons to delete rows and to insert rows. Doing this by modifying the bound array in angular. The screen does not update. I know the angular click works because I have other buttons tied to backend code and div s hide and show using ngIf .

Am I missing something or in android a grid will not update dynamically? what if I used standard table syntax and only use ionic components for visible td elements?

Never mind it does seem to work (sometimes) but with a time delay of a couple of minutes. say too slow and flaky. Is there setting I can use to improve the emulator?

Geez now it is acting acceptable doing what I want it to.

So in the famous words of Rosanna Anna Danna, never mind.