Ionic Analytics, apparently events are not listed in

Hi there,

I’ve followed the steps here and configured the basic example to make the analytics work. What is happening is that I can’t see any event listed on the app dashboard in the site.

I tried to navigate the app from ionic serve and from an Android device, but in both cases nothing shows up in the dashboard.

Anyone who can help?
In the tutorial they write that “After a few minutes you’ll be able to go to the ‘analytics’ dashboard for your app on the website and see some basic analytics data showing up.” How many minutes should I wait?
Is there any other code I have to add to the app besides the snippet listed on the tutorial?

Thanks a lot.

Same here. When I do a chrome:\inspect I can see in the console that data is being collected and I can see a network call to ionic servers, but its been 30 minutes and haven’t seen data. Would be helpful to know how long the wait normally is.

For me the issue seems to be a hardcoded app_id, api_key in bower_components/ionic-service-core/ionic-core.js Look in this file and vlose to the bottom do you see the following in the $ionicCoreSettings facotry??

var settings = {"dev_push":false,"app_id":"9977a467","api_key":"5c833588070030e42d0d22194b8b7c3dd9fbda0f6d054872"}

This value is checked before the app_id, api_key defined in your project file, so if this is in your ionic-core.js, all your events will be forwarded to this app id…

I just put in an issue for this, but to get around this you can just set the settings var to {}

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Came across similar problem today: only event in ionic dasboard is Load while I’m sure other events (Tap, Status change, etc.) has been sent (checked logs).

Checked app_id and api_key in ionic-core.js and they are correct.

Any advice?

Same here. any clues ?

After a while (a couple of hours) even custom events appeared in dashboard.

Still no Tap or Status Change.

Diggin’ into the source code I changed name of Tap event to TapX and then it shows in the dashboard: i suppose there’s such a sort of filter on the dashboard but we do not have the code so we cannot control.


For me, last time I saw Tap was March 22 and State Change March 24. After that, both are zero.
Ring any bells?
I looked for changes on those dates, but found nothing.

I had no new versions plubished close to those dates. My app is on Play Store.

This is hardcoded when you do a ionic io init