Ionic Advertising Player

Hi All,

I’m developing a ionic / cordova application that need to show a video as an advertising.

I’m having several problems to find a plugin that can accomplish what i need for iOs / Android

Basically i need to start a video without user controls and with a skip button after a few seconds.

I’ve already seen this kind of advertising in games apps.

Many thanks to all.

No one can help on this?


Have you found a solution for your problem?

I’m currently working on a similar thing, currently struggling with some plugins. I hope to have something working soon, but don’t know yet how long it’ll still take me. If I can come up with a solution, I’ll let you know.

Just wanted to see if you had any luck with this since you posted your question here…?


I’ve started with the creation of this few month ago and now I’ve stopped due project revision.
The plugin work good on iOS but need some review from a person who know obj-c and may Java for the android part.

Feel free to edit / pull request as your own project.