Ionic 8 Angular 18: "The above dynamic import cannot be analyzed by Vite."

Upgrading to Angular 18 and still using:
"builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:application"

and I’m getting a vite warning on the Ionic internals:

730|      return i[n];
731|    }
732|    return import("./".concat(a, ".entry.js").concat("")).then(function(e2) {
   |                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
733|      {
734|        cmpModules.set(a, e2);
The above dynamic import cannot be analyzed by Vite.
See for supported dynamic import formats. If this is intended to be left as-is, you can use the /* @vite-ignore */ comment inside the import() call to suppress this warning.

  Plugin: vite:import-analysis
  File: /Users/saschwarz/dev/acmaster-upgrade/agility-course-master/.angular/cache/18.0.7/vite/deps/chunk-THRW7OZV.js?v=60485708

Looking in the file it is coming from ionic/core:

// node_modules/@ionic/core/dist/esm-es5/index-7a952e7a.js
var NAMESPACE = "ionic";
var BUILD = { allRenderFn: false, appendChildSlotFix: true, asyncLoading: true, asyncQueue: false, attachStyles: true, cloneNodeFix: true, cmpDidLoad: true, cmpDidRender: true, cmpDidUnload: false, cmpDidUpdate: true, cmpShouldUpdate: false, cmpWillLoad: true, cmpWillRender: true, cmpWillUpdate: false, connectedCallback: true, constructableCSS: true, cssAnnotations: true, devTools: false, disconnectedCallback: true, element: false, event: true, experimentalScopedSlotChanges: true, experimentalSlotFixes: true, formAssociated: false, hasRenderFn: true, hostListener: true, hostListenerTarget: true, hostListenerTargetBody: true, hostListenerTargetDocument: true, hostListenerTargetParent: false, hostListenerTargetWindow: true, hotModuleReplacement: false, hydrateClientSide: true, hydrateServerSide: false, hydratedAttribute: false, hydratedClass: true, hydratedSelectorName: "hydrated", initializeNextTick: false, invisiblePrehydration: true, isDebug: false, isDev: false, isTesting: false, lazyLoad: true, lifecycle: true, lifecycleDOMEvents: false, member: true, method: true, mode: true, observeAttribute: true, profile: false, prop: true, propBoolean: true, propMutable: true, propNumber: true, propString: true, reflect: true, scoped: true, scopedSlotTextContentFix: true, scriptDataOpts: false, shadowDelegatesFocus: true, shadowDom: true, slot: true, slotChildNodesFix: true, slotRelocation: true, state: true, style: true, svg: true, taskQueue: true, transformTagName: false, updatable: true, vdomAttribute: true, vdomClass: true, vdomFunctional: true, vdomKey: true, vdomListener: true, vdomPropOrAttr: true, vdomRef: true, vdomRender: true, vdomStyle: true, vdomText: true, vdomXlink: true, watchCallback: true };
var __defProp = Object.defineProperty;
var __export = function(e, t) {
  for (var r in t)
    __defProp(e, r, { get: t[r], enumerable: true });
var hostRefs = /* @__PURE__ */ new WeakMap();
var getHostRef = function(e) {
  return hostRefs.get(e);
var registerHost = function(e, t) {
  var r = { i: 0, $hostElement$: e, o: t, l: /* @__PURE__ */ new Map() };
    r.u = new Promise(function(e2) {
      return r.v = e2;
    r.p = new Promise(function(e2) {
      return r.h = e2;
    e["s-p"] = [];
    e["s-rc"] = [];
  return hostRefs.set(e, r);
var isMemberInElement = function(e, t) {
  return t in e;
var consoleError = function(e, t) {
  return (0, console.error)(e, t);
var cmpModules = /* @__PURE__ */ new Map();
var loadModule = function(e, t, r) {
  var n = e.m.replace(/-/g, "_");
  var a = e.S;
  if (!a) {
    return void 0;
  var i = cmpModules.get(a);
  if (i) {
    return i[n];
  return import("./".concat(a, ".entry.js").concat("")).then(function(e2) {
      cmpModules.set(a, e2);
    return e2[n];
  }, consoleError);

Is this warning expected?

This was resolved by rm -rf .angular node_modules and then npm install