Ionic 7 label migration : interpolation and innerHTML


I’m trying to migrate from Ionic v4 to Ionic v7.
Thus, I refered to the ion-input’s and ion-label’s new documentation.

But they are not telling us how to migrate such code :

<ion-label position="stacked">
    {{ dynamicLabelValue }}
    <span *ngIf="aCondition">bar</span>

	placeholder="To fill"

	placeholder="À renseigner"
  1. How to deal with interpolation ? [label]="value" throws an error.
  2. How to deal with html that is inside the label tag ?
  3. How to deal with dynamic form that have 2 different input but which share common label ? (avoid duplication, refactoring).

i’m using without any issue the following code:

for the html i used the following