Ionic 7 ion-input errorText not visible until lost focus

The ion-input has a tag errorText that shows a red message when the element has an error. I have a custom validator. I want the errorText to show as soon as there is an error on that element. Right now it only shows if the element loses focus.

You can see the behaviour in the official ion-input error example:

which is linked from here:

Click on the ‘email’ input. Enter an incorrect email, like ‘test’ and you will not see an error. Click away from the element and then the error appears.

I want at least an option to display the error as soon as an error exists on the control.

Quick workaround if anyone comes across the same issue. In the validator for that particular input (reactive forms) I just mark the control as touched when the error condition is met. Marking the control as touched allows the error to be shown.


My guess is that the element should be ‘touched’ as soon as a user starts typing into it. Could this be a bug?