Ionic 6 - Cordova - stuck on white screen after splash screen - iOS

Hello team,
I have an issue with my ionic application on iOS, when it is running on the simulator, it got stuck on white screen after the splash screen.
on Android working fine.
my ionic version is : 6.20.0

can you please suggest me a direct solution for this ?

thank you

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anyone have an idea how to solve this ?
thank you

I’m a newbie at Ionic Angular dev and am struggling through this same issue. Please take my advice with that in mind.

So far I have found a number of conditions and causes for this; seems to be the primary indicator that there is a problem but the causes are more difficult to find than say with just an Angular app due for a couple reasons.

I will list a couple reasons why I get this behavior:

  1. Markup code (especially related to one of the Ionic menu components which are very picky about structure and are the first UI elements that load). If using the split view menu, try swiping from the left to see if there is a hidden menu there. My case: I did something with the Ionic markup that it did not like (for instance I attempted to modify the split view menu markup structure (to put in a web-specific custom menu using *ngIf=‘desktop’ sort of thing) and apparently there are some hidden rules inside there. Caused the white screen upon app start.

  2. There might be a network dependency in your app that on iOS when running in debug mode the device cannot find. When running in live reload it works perhaps (as does my app) but when disconnected from Mac it gives white screen again.

A few things to try. Good luck. Please post what you find for your fix.

open safari technology preview, go to localhost and read what pops out in your console

For me, absolutely nothing pops out in safari web inspector.

But what I did find is that I am using Ionic 6, Capacitor 4, Angular 14, and AngularFire 7. There is a breaking change using AngularFire Auth that I described and resolved here on Stackoverflow.

My issue was specific to AngularFire Auth.

same problem with ionic 6 capacitor REACT… android is working just fine but ios keeps giving me the blank screen.
currently targeting ios13

for my case, because I’m using new macbook , M2 chip , I have unchecked ‘Open with Rosetta’ on Xcode, and splash screen hide after 5 seconds and goes to login
everything works fine from my side now