Ionic 6 capacitor push-notification

i am using @capacitor/push-notifications and issues are like this -

  1. if app is open and notification comes tapping on it not working and if app is minimized then tapping and redirecting both works fine.
  2. if app is killed or closed then notification comes then tapping on it not redirecting to destination page it always redirected to home page

I was able to let it work only in iOS, in Android if the app is killed the app redirects me aleways to home page

Can you share your code? I have not noticed any issues in my app.

For push notifications when the app is in the foreground, I create a local notification. See this discussion - Push Notifications click_action called before notification actually clicked - #11 by twestrick.

I register all the listeners on app boot (in Vue, in the main.ts file) before the app is mounted. I first call removeAllListeners and then re-register them. When I was setting up push notifications up over a year ago, if I didn’t remove the listeners first, each time I registered them, they would start to duplicate and cause issues.