Ionic 5 token refresh push notification

In the ionic Native FCM library, there is onTokenRefresh: FCM - Ionic Documentation

In the Capacitor library in Ionic 5, I do not see such a function. How is it handled in Ionic 5 with the @capacitor/core PushNotification library? Push - Ionic Documentation

I don’t want my users token to expire and they stopped receiving notifications because of it.

If I am blind and have missed something in the documentation, please point it out to me!

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already 1 year and no solution for this question. This is the closest answer from github Push Notifications Plugin onToken Refresh iOS - Android · Issue #1859 · ionic-team/capacitor · GitHub but it doesn’t answer the question because the repo link is deprecated

Well, after using my app for over a year. The token hasn’t expired. Not sure if it ever will.

But I know that when I implemented push notifications into another app that I made that was a PWA only, the token would expire after 3 months and it would require a refresh.

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Well, the token expired yesterday. Now I am back to finding a way of refreshing the token.

@fromage9747 I have just started using the capacitor and using push notification plugin. Were you able to find a solution for getting refreshed token? Please let me know more details on this.