Ionic 5 Starter App from IonicThemes

Ionic 5 is here with huge improvements and at IonicThemes we built a premium ionic template using Angular 8 and Ionic 5 that has everything you need to jump start your app development :rocket:

Ionic 5 Full Starter App is a collection of common features and use cases, UI screens and ionic components that you can use as a whole like a starter template or cherry pick the specific features and components you want to add to your existing Ionic project. Either way, it will enable you to jump right into feature development and save valuable time.

At IonicThemes we have been using Ionic since the very first v1 betas and we are impressed about how the development experience keeps getting better and better. So we must thank to the Ionic Team for doing such an amazing work everyday :clap:

This Ionic 5 Starter has support for PWA, is 100% Flexible and Customizable, developed using the latest standards and best practices and includes a detailed documentation.

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Please let me know if you have any question or feedback.

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Wow, awesome Ionic Themes.

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i have used this in my project.

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