Ionic 5 react Capacitor BluetoothLE

Hi can anyone help me how to use BluetoothLE, I wanted to auto-connect from my ionic 5 react App so that I can print a receipt on my zebra z1310 Bluetooth printer. Please I been trying this for a week with no luck

What have you tried so far? Where did it fail?

You know those times when u try for a long time u lose track of what I have tried and not. So I think it’s better to start from scratch. My scenario is, I have a simple parking app developed using ionic 5 with react, and what I am looking for is a plugin or API to print a simple receipt from my state or database to my zebra (zq310) Bluetooth printer with a header(company name) content(amount paid and date) and footer (that say thank you or something). So know I want to know what plugin or API I should use to accomplish this. So far I have failed even to get Bluetooth devices, or if there are people specialized to develop the plugin and I can just install it via NPMcheck the status of the printer (error, open, out of paper…etc) if everything ok print.