(Ionic 5) Override ion-back-button logic to show confirm message before leaving a page

Hi guys! Is there an easy way to prevent page popping when pressing ion back button? I’d like to show a confirmation dialog to user before leaving page. I’m using Ionic 5.2.2 and trying this, but not working:

<ion-back-button *ngIf=“canGoBack” (click)=“this.backButtonClicked($event)”>

public backButtonClicked(event) {





Up! Nobody have this problem? Very strange for me…

I would solve it by using the Angular’s CanDeactivate Guard. I found this Tutorial after googling: https://www.concretepage.com/angular-2/angular-candeactivate-guard-example . Try it out, if you have questions, ping me :blush:

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Thank you so much. I didn’t think about CanDeactivateGuard that is specific for my scope :slight_smile: