Ionic 5: ionic capacitor sync never ends

πŸ’Š   Capacitor Doctor  πŸ’Š 

Latest Dependencies:

  @capacitor/cli: 2.2.1
  @capacitor/core: 2.2.1
  @capacitor/android: 2.2.1
  @capacitor/electron: 2.2.1
  @capacitor/ios: 2.2.1

Installed Dependencies:

  @capacitor/cli 2.2.1
  @capacitor/android 2.2.1
  @capacitor/core 2.2.1
  @capacitor/ios 2.2.1
  @capacitor/electron not installed

[success] Android looking great! πŸ‘Œ
  Found 0 Capacitor plugins for ios:
[success] iOS looking great! πŸ‘Œ

This is a new project and I did some changes, added a few pages and components.

Also, my Android and iOS projects have different project id’s that I wrote manually using their natives IDE’s. For example: Android is and iOS is com.test.app2

Steps I did after my changes:

  1. npx cap init
  2. npx cap add android
  3. npx cap add ios
  4. ionic capacitor sync (to build all and try my app using an emulator)

I have 20 minutes watching in console:

my-awesome-app@0.0.1 ionic:build /Users/test-user/Documents/my-awesome-app
ionic build β€œβ€“project=app”
npm run ionic:build – --project=app
my-awesome-app@0.0.1 ionic:

Those lines repeats over and over again.

What I did wrong?