Ionic 5 - HTML view - Need help

We are building hybrid app using ionic 5, one of the requirement is to open the HTML files downloaded to the local app content folder. The HTML files has reference to js & css files. The difficulty we face is the HTML file opens successfully and the javascript & CSS reerred is not opening. we tried using inappbrowser,, previewanyfule plugin most of them same result. need guidance in opening such files.

What is in “the HTML files” and where do they come from? Why can the relevant information in them not be somehow incorporated into the app itself?

Hi, These are dynamic HTML content and changes time to time to describe the customer product for marketing.

I hate to rain on your parade, but that sort of thing is:

(a) deliberately made difficult to do in Angular for security and performance reasons,
(b) frowned upon greatly by app stores

I personally have chosen to completely avoid designs that use HTML as a DSL for data transfer, so I’m afraid somebody who has not taken that step will have to help you here. Good luck.

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