Ionic 5: How should the css class be specified in an ion-select action sheet interface options?

I have set a custom css class to change the color of the cancel button in the material design version of an ion-select with action-sheet interface in the global.scss file, following what’s stated in the ion-action-sheet docs, and specified this class in the interfaceOptions of the ion-select, but I can’t make the class be taken by the ion-action-sheet element.

Meanwhile, I solved it by changing the class name to select-action-sheet, as I saw it was the name it takes automatically.

Still, I wonder if there’s any way to specify the css class of each individual action-sheet being used as an ion-select interface.

+1 for this, I’m also looking to style the cancel option of an action sheet individually, is this possible using the css class passed from the ion-select?