Ionic 5: Generates pages differently!

Can someone explain why now it is loading pages with a page-routing.module.ts. and all pages in the app-routing.module.ts:

path: ‘’,
loadChildren: () => import(’./page/page.module’).then(m => m.PagePageModule)

I want to make tabs but I cannot without deleting the tab1-routing.module.ts page and setting the RouterModule in the tab1.module.ts. Is there a way to create a page without the routing-module in it?

am I understanding it right, you are asking why the pages are generated the way they are?

Each page has its own module + routing module so it can be easily lazy loaded.
If you do not want this (but want eager loading instead), you can remove its module and include it in the parent (e.g. declare tab-pages with routes in their parent). Or generate it directly without a module:

ionic generate page TabExample --no-module