IONIC 5, CSS works in the browser but does not work in the phone

Hello , i have a problem on css/Scss i think it is on the ‘desplay’ variable not sure thaught.

You have to post your HTML and CSS


<div style="position: inherit;display: grid; <p>z-index: 100;</p> <p>grid-template-columns: auto auto ;margin-top:30%;padding: 1.5em;height: 130%;"></p> <pre><code><ion-card *ngFor="let type of types" (click)="changeType(type)" style="background: #072953;"> <img src="{{type.image}}" class="cardImg" /> <ion-icon name="add" class="cardIcon" (click)="presentPopover($event,type)"> </ion-icon> <ion-card-header> <ion-card-title class="cardTitle"> {{}}</ion-card-title> </ion-card-header> </ion-card> </code></pre> </div> <p>SCSS :</p> <p>ion-card{</p> <pre><code>box-shadow: none; border-radius: unset; width: 90%; </code></pre> <p>}</p>