[Ionic 4 - Vue] Modal - Get props inside component

I’m using ionic-vue and building a modal, I need to pass some props to the component, so I tried this:

          component: ModalSelectSearch,
           componentProps: { title: "Teste" }          
        .then(m => m.present());

But I can’t get the props in my component, i tried like that:

export default {
  name: "ModalSelectSearch",
  props: ['title'],

But it didn’t work.
How can I get the props passed using componentProps in my component?


  Content {{ title }}

I just ran into the same issue. This works:

  component: ModalSelectSearch,
  componentProps: {
    // This gets passed to the component's data values
    data: {
      dataItem: dataItemVal
    // This gets passed as the actual 'props' values
    propsData: {
      title: 'Test'