Ionic 4 + Vue js + cordova

We have some customer requirement to build mobile app

Summary : Customer don’t want develop mobile app from scratch using any hybrid framework. They have their web site (web app) ready which can render as per different device size ( responsive ).

Points to be noted :

  1. They want us to open that web url in mobile app using in-app-browser.
  2. For login they want us to create login page where user can login and redirect to dashboard page using in-app-browser URL.(i.e after login user will redirected to in app browser )
  3. They don’t want to use angular / react for this development.


  1. Can we use vue js + cordova combination to achieve in-app-browser functionality ?
  2. is it feasible to develop such type of app ?
  3. after redirect to in-app-browser we don’t have any control on code / functionality ?
  4. also they want to change some style of html page by injecting css. which will change some UI in that page