IONIC 4: Slides content not displayed properly

I implemented 3 ion-slides which displays components under the same ion-content tag. But the slides view have some space at the bottom according to the maximum content area of the 3 slides.

These are the screenshots of slide 1 and slide 3. Slide 3 has the maximum content and that’s why it defines the content area for 1 and 2 slide too.


Is it possible to have the content area(without space at bottom same as slide 3) for slide 1 and 2 also?

I have found a possible solution to this issue:

Set autoHeight property as true and pass it in the [options] of ion-slides.

add no-padding

<ion-content no-padding></ion-content>

Hi @gokujy

Thanks for the reply. But adding no-padding to ion-content didn’t work out.