Ionic 4 Siri plugin remove method

I’m using Siri shortcuts plugins cordova-plugin-siri-shortcuts and @ionic-native/siri-shortcuts. The following methods - donate, present and getActivatedShortcuts are working as expected. But these methods remove and removeAll are not working as expected. Invoking them is not removing the siri shortcuts. I made sure I’m using the right persistentIdentifier to remove. Also when it is invoked, it goes to the success method and no error thrown in the process. Is there any other factor I could be missing?

You should ask this in the Plugins Repo :smiley: I think there will be faster help

can you share the url for Plugins Repo? Thanks!

There are many Ways to find out:

  1. Google
  2. Look in the Ionic Docs
  3. Directly Search in Github