Ionic 4 side menu does not close on some Android devices

Hello, I recently released an app using ionic 4. We have had a few Android user state that the side menu does NOT close after a selection has been made.

I have checked it on a number of Android devices we have and have not been able to duplicate it.

In my app.component.html I have the following.

<ion-menu side="start" menuId="first" [disabled]="onConnectionPage === true" [swipeGesture]="false">
        <ion-title (click)="defaultSettings()" style="font-size:16px;">ChargerConnect</ion-title>
      <ion-list lines="none">
          <ion-button (click)="disconnect()" color="primary" expand="full">
            {{ 'Disconnect' | translate }}
          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[0])" style="--background:var(--dashboard)" expand="full">
            {{ dashboardString }}
          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[1])" style="--background:var(--diagnostic)" expand="full">
            {{ diagnosticsString }}

          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[2])" [disabled]="disableMenuOptions" style="--background:var(--history)" expand="full">
            {{ historyString }}
          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[3])" style="--background:var(--system-information)" expand="full">
            {{ systemInformationString }}

          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[4])" [disabled]="disableMenuOptions" style="--background:var(--system-profile)" expand="full">
            {{ systemProfileString }}

          <ion-button (click)="openPage(pages[5])" [disabled]="disableMenuOptions" style="--background:var(--battery-profile)"  expand="full">
            {{ batteryProfileString }}

          <ion-button (click)="openHelp()" expand="full">
            {{ 'Help' | translate }}

I am using ion-menu-toggle and by default auto-hide is set to true.

Is there someone in my html that could be causing this?


I have also just had this problem on one particular device (Samsung Tab A). Did you get to the bottom of this?

Please update to the latest version of Ionic. That issue has already been fixed.

npm i @ionic/angular

See this link. Somebody tried updating to 4.11.2 and it did not help.

This did fix the problem:
<ion-menu-toggle menu="first" autoHide="false">

I have updated to 4.11.2 and some customers are still seeing the issue. I have also seen people with the issue try:

<ion-menu-toggle menu="first" autoHide="false">

This did not help either.

Any other thoughts on how to resolve the issue?

Updated to 4.11.8 from 4.11.5.
This seems to solve the issue for me on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2.