Ionic 4 scrolling issue after input focus

I have ion content with ionic cards. Each card has two input fields. The code structure is like this.

ion-card-content contains text view like below

<ion-item no-padding padding-end="20px">
           (ionBlur)="readingFocusLost($event, operation)"
           (ionFocus)="readingFocus($event, i)"
           (ionChange)="readingTextChanged($event, operation)"
           [disabled]="mode === 'online'"
           [ngModel]="operation.READING" placeholder="Enter Reading if applicable">

I have multiple such cards in the view. If I scrolldown and clicked on input to type someting, the view is scrolling to top as I start typing the view will again scroll to bottom where input focus is present. Please check attached gif.

How to avoid this scrolling?
GIF Link