Ionic 4 - sass best practices

The background of my app I’m setting my ion-content to a background colour.

This means I want all of my ion-card to have a white background.

It’s supported in the docs, it says I should do this:

// (theme\variables.scss)
ion-card {
  --background: var(--brand-white) !important;

But then a sneaky rule jumps in and overrides it:


I have to put !important on the ion-card --background variable to get it to work.

I’m just starting out so I’m keen to learn best practices. Am I doing something wrong?

This works:

// (theme\variables.scss)
ion-card {
  --background: var(--brand-white);
  --ion-item-background: var(--brand-white);

Is this a bug in the element or maybe the documentation? Or am I doing it wrong?

I’m facing the same problem :frowning:
Are there any solution for this?
I’m just starting to customize something and it doesn’t works already on simple things…?