Ionic 4: phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner is not reading the barcode code 128 with length more than 20

Hi everyone,

I have been using Ionic 4 for my mobile application. I have installed phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner plugin for barcode scanning which is encoded in code128 format. But due to some unknown reason, the plugin is reading barcodes with lengths < 20 with ease but cannot read barcodes with higher lengths. I have read every documentation but have been unable to solve it. Any help will be appreciated.


// mtype: to check if I am calling it from old meter or new meter
goToBarcodeScan(mtype) {
    const options: BarcodeScannerOptions = {
      preferFrontCamera: false,
      showFlipCameraButton: true,
      showTorchButton: true,
      torchOn: false,
      prompt: 'Place a barcode inside the scan area',
      resultDisplayDuration: 500,
      orientation: 'landscape',
      formats: "CODE_128:32"


    var observers=this.platform.backButton.observers;
    //  empty the back buttton observers...
    this.platform.backButton.observers=[]; //empty array

    this.barcodeCtrl.scan(options).then((barcodeData) => {
      console.log('Barcode data', barcodeData.text);
      console.log('Barcode data raw', barcodeData);
      this.alrt.presentMsg(barcodeData.format+" - "+ barcodeData.text+" - "+barcodeData.text.length);

      // this is keep app getting two backs on pressing native back button
      setTimeout(()=>{this.platform.backButton.observers=observers},500); // important to provide some time to close barcode
        this.mserialno = barcodeData.text;
        this.oldmserialno = barcodeData.text;

    }).catch(err => {
      this.alrt.presentAlert("Error occured: "+ err);
      console.log('Error', err);


Plugin just keep scanning the barcode and does not give any error or result.