Ionic 4 modal how to have slide left enterEnimation

How to change animation of modal enter, leave with vueJs + Ionic 4. In a javascript example provided by ionic how can we chnage animation.

async function presentModal() {
  // initialize controller
  const modalController = document.querySelector('ion-modal-controller');
  await modalController.componentOnReady();

  // create component to open
  const element = document.createElement('div');
  element.innerHTML = `
      <ion-title>Super Modal</ion-title>
    <h1>Content of doom</h1>
    <div>Here's some more content</div>
    <ion-button class="dismiss">Dismiss Modal</ion-button>

  // listen for close event
  const button = element.querySelector('ion-button');
  button.addEventListener('click', () => {

  // present the modal
  const modalElement = await modalController.create({
    component: element