Ionic 4: Ionic Serve Port

After updating to Ionic 4, when I use “ionic serve -p 7300” instead of having port 7300 I get 7301 then everytime i close the app and and use “ionic serve -p 7300” the port number increments by 1 7302,7303,7304 not having the post that I indicate on the CLI command

Can you check with task manager if some kind of Node process is still running.
That might hijack the 7300 port (and the following ones).
When the port is not available, the CLI will pick the next one

The Node Process for the previous “ionic serve” was still running even when i used CTRL+C to “stop” the process.

So before I used “ionic serve” again I have to netstat then kill the process then, I can’t use task manager to kill the process since I have other Node process running for backend support.

Seems to be a known bug:

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