Ionic 4 ion-slides loop is not working

Hi, i am using ion-slides component and i want it can work with loop effect. But i have tried to set <ion-slides loop="true"> or <ion-slides [options]="{loop: true}"> , both are not working.

Here is what i found which fixed in ionic 3, but it is not work in ionic 4 so anyone knows how to work with v4? Thanks.

follow from here.

Hi, the document did not mention that.

Here is my code

<ion-slides  [options]="slideOpt">
slideOpt = {
    loop: true,

The autoplay is work but the loop is not work. So i don’t know should the loop: true set in the options.

use it like this it will start working fine

<ion-slides  [options]="slideOpt" autoplay="true" loop="true">