Ionic 4 ion-select open popover event

hi there,

We want to programmatically open an ion-select in popover mode. The ion-select is configured with interface=“popover” in standard single select mode.

The ion-select does provide an open() method, but when called with no arguments it opens in alert mode instead of the configured popover mode.
In the Javascript console the following warning is displayed:
“Select interface cannot be a “popover” without passing an event. Using the “alert” interface instead.”

There is no documentation on how to construct a UIEvent that can be passed to the open method of the ion-select.
We tried the following code:

let customEvent = new UIEvent("UIEvent", {
      detail: 2

But we couldn’t set the target or position for the event, so the popover was appearing in the middle of the screen.

Any help or suggestion on how to correctly open the ion-select in popover mode would be appreciated.

if I call I have a runtime error ERROR TypeError: is not a function
at …
where sel is @ViewChild(‘select1’) sel:IonSelect; on my component and in the template

    <ion-select ... #select1>

How is possible to use the open method form the component?