Ionic 4: ion-select is not working in devices with android 5 and below


I am working in an app using ionic 4 and angular.

I created a form which contain a ion-select component.


    <ion-label class="ultraipunt">Pais</ion-label>
    <ion-select formControlName="pais">

      <ion-select-option value="Venezuela">Venezuela</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="Peru">Peru</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="Ecuador">Ecuador</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="Chile">Chile</ion-select-option>


And this is how it looks in a device with android 9:

enter image description here

But when I tested the app in devices with android 5 and below, doesnt work the ion-select component. The select box not appear and the user cannot select a country.

What can i do?

This is my ionic specifications:

enter image description here

And I build the app with android sdk 8:

enter image description here