Ionic 4: ion-segment-button background color

The ion-segment-button background style does not appear to function correctly on a web browser.
I would like the background of the ion-segment-button to always be ‘white’.

In global.scss I tried modifying

ion-segment-button {
–background: #ffffff;
–background-activated: #ffffff;
–background-checked: #ffffff;
–background-hover: #ffffff;

And this did not have any effect on the background color. Also after selecting buttons multiple times the background color shade seems to be off as well. See attachment.

Any suggestions?

It is not working in ios version of Ionic 5.x
For now, please use mode="md" in ion-segment like this.
<ion-segment mode="md">

Just add this to your scss:

  --background-checked: any color you want;
  --indicator-color: transparent!important; //must include this, it is the solution

Hope it’ll help,