Ionic 4 how place button to bottom right of card

Hi guys,

i want to add a clear button with small image to the bottom right of a ionic card but i fail. At the moment the button appears in the middle of the bottom of the card.

Please advise me.

Here’s my code so far

    <span class="commenter">{{}}</span>
      <p class="commentMessage">{{item.message}}</p>
      <p class="commentTimestamp">{{item.dateTime | amTimeAgo}}</p>
      <ion-button *ngIf="item.groupId" fill="clear" size="small" color="danger" (click)="itemSelected(item)">
        <ion-icon slot="start" name="share-alt"></ion-icon>

I believe you have some css alignment somewhere inside your ion-card? Do you have eg. text-align: center somewhere? It will cause the button to center. Override it.

test this

<ion-button *ngIf="item.groupId" horizontal="end" fill="clear" size="small" color="danger" (click)="itemSelected(item)">