Ionic 4 - Grid is there a way to set default column sizes?

While converting my app from Ionic 3 to Ionic 4, I have been copying the same code time after time… I’ve got many grids in app, but most of the columns in each grid are similar…

<ion-col class="quick-fact-col" col-6 col-sm-4 col-md-3 col-lg-2>

Ok, so converting to Ionic 4… that will become:

<ion-col class="quick-fact-col" size="6" size-sm="4" size-md="3" size-lg="2">

But a lot of this is just copying and pasting… for instance I have about 32 columns in that grid that are exactly the same…

So, is it possible to set a Default… something like:

default-quick-fact-col-size = 'size="6" size-sm="4" size-md="3" size-lg="2"'

and then declare my column something like:

<ion-col class="quick-fact-col" default-quick-fact-col-size>

That would really be beneficial. We haven’t started testing yet, and if we find a problem with our column sizes, right now we have to change 32 columns… but if we could use a default of some kind, we’d only have to change it once…

Possible? Would it be accepted as a feature request?

OH… on another note… is it possible to get an “Ionic-4” category?