Ionic 4 - Force ios to use Material Design

I am using Ionic 4 and would like to force ios to use Material Design. How do I do this?

In the docs, it says to look at config however, currently I have an error accessing this page.

Many thanks in advance.

Ignore above, found the solution

IonicModule.forRoot({mode: ‘md’})


How do you do it in non-angular environments? For example I currently am using Vue with Ionic core.

Were you able to figure this out? I have the same question using React with Ionic

Not sure in non-angular devs, have you tried search for a similar name ie IonicModule.forRoot? If there is something similar then try insert {mode:‘md’}

Link I got help from is below but all angular, sorry cant help more.

Hmm, no… and I’m not even finding anything when searching for something more broad (forRoot). Will keep looking,

@alherrera42, just in case you didn’t ever get a resolution to this, I answered this question on Stackoverflow for Vue/Ionic users.