[Ionic 4] Event preventDefault on ion-button click not working


I’m using Ionic 4 and I made a directive to prevent clicks on components if some condition applies.

      selector: '[appDisable]'
  export class DisableDirective {
      @Input() ifTruthy: boolean = false;

      @HostListener('click', ['$event']) clickEvent(event: Event): boolean {
	  if (this.ifTruthy) {
	      console.log('Preventing click');
	      console.log('This should prevent further clicks from happening?');
	      return false;

	  return true;

	  private element: ElementRef,
	  protected renderer: Renderer2) {


Then on my button:

<ion-button appDisable [ifTruthy]=“1 === 1” (click)=“presentAlert()”>Disabled</ion-button>

This does not work, it works if I move the click() to an upper element (due to the stopPropagation), I want to know why this does not work.

I made a stackBlitzz

Any help is appreciated.