Ionic 4: Endomondo like geolocation


My question is like in the topic. To be more specific I’m wondering if it’s possible to write an application that would track user location with the following features (I’m Android user so this question is based on my experience with Android but I’d appreciate comments about both platforms):

  1. Displaying running time on the foreground service “widget” (don’t know how to name it:( )
  2. Being able to pause resume “running” using foreground service “widget” (=add “pause”/“start” buttons)
  3. Being able to track user even if main application was closed but foreground service is still running (I can see that “Background Geolocation” foreground service remains active even if I close my application but not sure if I can get positions when I rerun application)

Those are my concerns. I’ve just started using Background Geolocation plugin. So if you know what something is not possible/possible - share with me. If there is a “hard” way I would appreciate that info as well.