Ionic 4 - Create PDF


I’m looking for examples and API suggestions for creating PDF files based off the data in my Ionic 4 application.

I’ve seen a popular example (link below):

However, it is based off Ionic 3 - so not sure it will work…

Any input appreciated.

How about create pdf on server side , use php is easy to make it

I had the same issue, I cound’t do it work whit anything for Ionic 4.

Do you find some solution?

PdfMake works with ionic 4 if you have implemented it in ionic 3 use the very same code there isn’t anything that is dependent on ionic version same code should work in any JS project.

I create a new proyect with blank to try whit this guide (Ionic Academy, but didn’t work, I see errors in everywhere :sleepy:

In the picture, I install the packages, but i couldn’t declare in the providers parts.

import { File } from '@ionic-native/file/ngx';
import { FileOpener } from '@ionic-native/file-opener/ngx';

Make sure you are using the correct plugins for V4 see the import statement for File Opener and File its from ngx

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File Opener
these two are what you want to install in v4

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The Tutorial given by Simon R in the [](http://Ionic Academy) works very well

The only change to be made is the one mentioned above here

can u help…the same tutorial work for me, but i cant save the PDF file on IOS device…works every place else