Ionic 4 - Cordova Task :app:processDebugManifest FAILED after combine plugins

I’m trying to use Firebase Analytics and Music Controls plugins in my app, but without success.

If I start a new app and install only Firebase Analytics, when I run ionic cordova run android all works fine. The same occurs if I install only Music Controls and run the app. The only difference is that when I install the Music Controls plugin, I need to add too implementation '' to my dependencies on build.gradle, and then all works fine too.

But, when I install Firebase Analytics and Music Controls together, and run ionic cordova run android, it returns the following error:

Task :app:processDebugManifest FAILED

See for more information
about the manifest merger.

Attribute application@appComponentFactory value=( from
is also present at [androidx.core:core:1.0.0] AndroidManifest.xml:22:18-86
Suggestion: add ‘tools:replace=“android:appComponentFactory”’ to element at AndroidManifest.xml:5:5-13:19 to override.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

How can I fix it and get these plugins working together properly?

Ionic info:

Ionic CLI: 5.2.1 (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/ionic)
Ionic Framework: @ionic/angular 4.7.4
@angular-devkit/build-angular: 0.801.3
@angular-devkit/schematics: 8.1.3
@angular/cli: 8.1.3
@ionic/angular-toolkit: 2.0.0

Cordova CLI: 9.0.0 (cordova-lib@9.0.1)
Cordova Platforms: android 8.0.0
Cordova Plugins: cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.1.3, cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.1.1, (and 8 other plugins)

cordova-res: 0.6.0 
native-run: 0.2.7 (update available: 0.2.8)

NodeJS: v10.16.2 (/Users/Igor/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.2/bin/node)
npm: 6.9.0
OS: macOS Mojave
Xcode: Xcode 10.2.1 Build version 10E1001

Plugins installed:

cordova-plugin-device 2.0.2 "Device"
cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics 3.0.0 "FirebaseAnalyticsPlugin"
cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.1.3 "cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard"
cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.1.1 "cordova-plugin-ionic-webview"
cordova-plugin-music-controls 2.2.0 "MusicControls"
cordova-plugin-splashscreen 5.0.2 "Splashscreen"
cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.4.2 "StatusBar"
cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.3 "Whitelist"
cordova-support-android-plugin 1.0.1 "cordova-support-android-plugin" (automatically installed when I installed Firebase Analytics)
cordova-support-google-services 1.3.1 "cordova-support-google-services" (automatically installed when I installed Firebase Analytics)

any success on this? just hit the same during migration from fabric/crashlytics to firebase crashytics

if by any chance someone gets here - the TL;DR answer is (for me only adding those two plugins was enough)

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-androidx
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter

more details here