Ionic 4 - BLE - how to get started?

Hi Ionic forum

I’ve been looking through the docs - and the whole internet - to find anything describing how to use BLE with Ionic 4. Everything I find is related to Ionic 3, so I was wondering if any of you would be able to give a quick example of how to get started?

Just went through this very thing this morning. Don’t loose faith. It does work. The info at is good. It shows the /ngx style imports, which you need. There’s a nice little demo on youtube of the code start to finish (well as far as running a scan). If you can get this up and running, you can then use the docs to do the rest. This is a useful guide too:

Note, you’ll need to be using cordova for this to work. For example :
$ ionic start myBLEdemo blank --cordova