Ionic 4 beta docs native apis unable to fetch

Ionic 4 beta docs Native APIS Unable to fetch. 3 days! WTF is going on guys???

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yep, duplicate 404 page not found on Ionic Native v4 Docs

We’re aware, will fix the problem soon.

Man, we have very long buglist for you guys to fix, one day, when we will finish with our app, I`ll let you know about them!

Maybe you have offline copy of beta docs!!! We need Native documentation and image picker with firebase integration for IONIC 4! btw one of this bugs is about URI to Base64 encryption or as your DOCS says URI to BLOB, that things don’t work properly with FIREBASE! We cant find normal documentation about ionic 4 + Image Picker + Firebase Upload integration, we found it only on third websites and even there, we cant find clearly SbyS manual how to do this. :imp::imp::imp:!!!WITH LOVE IL VL AND JHON PARHOMENKO!!!:japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre: