Ionic 4 and Vue.js

Hi all,

I just released a new tutorial regarding Ionic 4 and Vue.js and you can access it here:

I’d love your feedback as to the pain points you’re facing with Ionic 4 and Vue (or even just Ionic 4 in general) so I can aim my future content toward that.

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Hi Paul Halliday,

It is my first time working with any node, npm, ionic or vue project, but your tutorials helped me to get pretty far. I managed to get the following items working (and viewed in devApp):

vue router,
barcode scanner,
menus, tabs and forms

I could not get the following items working, either in Capacitor or Cordova:

photo retrieval

Here is the page of installation instructions that I have been writing for my team (maybe you see something wrong or missing):

I have acquired some additional questions:

  1. Does the project have to be an ‘ionic project’ in order to work in devApp?
  2. Is it possible to get storage and photo retrieval working in Ionic4 Vue with devApp?
  3. If I install something globally in npm, do my Ionic projects retrieve only the files they need, or does every project receive all of the global files when compiling?
  4. How do I actually compile a file/app that can be downloaded by users, and put it on my website?

Thanks for any tips!