Ionic 4.0.0 RC 3 -- Ion-icons not appearing


As the title says, I’m running Ionic v4.0.0 RC 3, and I’m having an issue with <ion-icon> elements not appearing properly.

When I compile the application and run it on my Android tablet (Android 8.0.0), I see that the element does exist in the HTML, and there is space in the UI where the element should appear, but the icon itself simply doesn’t appear. If I set the <ion-icon> element’s background color, that appears just fine, but still no icon.


Upgrade you Ionic Angular version

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I did that, but it didn’t work. Found the solution in another post, linking to

Flagged this post already for deletion, since it’s a duplicate. (I swear I searched before, but of course you only find the original solution after you post your own question, right?)

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Oh so you didn’t meant “beta.3” but “rc.3” I’m guessing? I thought to beta.3 was old that’s why I said “upgrade” otherwise I would have tell about the changeling :wink:

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Yup, that’s what I meant. At least someone know what I’m thinking today. Too bad it’s not me.

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hahaha :wink: you solve the issue so it’s all good, have fun